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Infuses skin with 48 hours of hydration and helps protect against environmental stress. This best-selling moisturizer...
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Infuses skin with 48 hours of hydration and helps protect against environmental stress. This best-selling moisturizer features a state-of-the-art complex that works on a molecular level to help reduce Trans-Epidermal Water Loss.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Came New in Sealed Box. Cannot live without this product !

I am 38 years old and am always on the search for the perfect moisturizer. I go through so many different kinds and it seems that they are either too thin and don't moisturize enough or they are too thick and make my skin feel heavy and oily. I have combination skin and this seems to be the perfect happy medium. This moisturizer is much more expensive in stores and the quality ordered here on Amazon is the same as if I had bought it in the store. I am a big fan of a Dermalogica products . I use many of their products such as face wash and toner in my daily routine. I have purchased this more than once from Amazon and will continue to !It came in a box sealed and the bottle had foil seal inside too.

Why Does It have to Smell So Bad?!

This moisturizer feels good on the skin but the horrible odor is not acceptable for most users. If this is "no scent", it fails. It's better to have a pleasant, light fragrance than none to cover up the underlying chemical scent. I agree it smells a lot like burnt rubber. I don't know about damp diapers, but I will take her word for it because it certainly could be. Come on Dermalogica, we know you can do better. Otherwise, the quantity for this moisturizer is right on. Too many are 1 to 1.7 ounces, which is NOT enough. I agree that I won't be buying another, unfortunately.

Works but does smell

This product does its job... but keep in mind as others mention in their reviews - it definitely has an off putting smell.

Elisa L Rojas
Great cream

Very good for skin

Former Advocate

I have eczema, and therefore dry -- and relatively sensitive -- skin, so I pretty much have to moisturize my face on a daily basis, and not just any product will do. Around eight years ago, I was struggling to find an appropriate moisturizer for my face, when I stumbled upon this one. It was so perfect that I stuck with it and didn't look back for 7.5 years. And I couldn't say a bad thing about it, aside from the hefty price value (which I was willing to suck up if it that's what my skin needed). In fact, I would have given it five stars just half a year ago. But a few months ago, I went to the dermatologist for some eczema flare-ups, and she recommended that I try CeraVe Moisturizing Cream instead, just until we could sort out the issues. And wow, I thought Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream was good, but the CeraVe was even better! My skin just drinks up that CeraVe and feels so hydrated when using it. Unfortunately, I had JUST bought two new 3.4oz tubes of the Dermalogica product before the switchover, so I asked my dermatologist on a follow-up appointment if it was okay to use them. She read the ingredient list and said they should be fine (that product wasn't the source of my eczema flare-ups), so I figured I'd finish them off before converting... But unbelievably, I realized I lost my love for the Dermalogica when trying it after the CeraVe. It just doesn't compare! So much so that I have these two tubes of $60 Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream which may just go to waste. Crazy.Given that a 3.4oz tube of the Dermalogica product is like four times the cost of a 16oz tub of the CeraVe product (that's like SIXTEEN TIMES MORE EXPENSIVE!!!) AND the fact that the CeraVe trumps the Dermalogica (in my opinion), not to mention the fact that the CeraVe comes recommended by my dermatologist, I'm afraid I am an official convert. Sorry, Dermalogica. You served me well for so long, but I'm on to something new.